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Gloves : Green Glove
Areas of Application:  
  Indoor uses:
Ideal for cleaning smooth walls, window sills, front doors, blinds, cellar windows, sliding doors and window tracks, fly screens and security door, patios and outdoor furniture, synthetic roofs of all kinds, stairs, bars, stone statues. Use in conjunction with Kalkex to remove lime. Also can be used to remove moss. Can also be used to wash cars.

Outdoor uses:
For cleaning all rough surfaces, masonry, wooden poles, metal doors, wooden and synthetic paneling, grooved rubber and natural stone floors.

How to Use:  

Add two drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula to five litres of water, or apply using Rolfix. Remove dirt using cicular motions and light pressure. Emerse the glove in water and wring out thoroughly. Use glove damp. When the surface is rough or very dirty, use lots of water.

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