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Floor : Ha-Ra Floor Express Green
Wet Fibre 42.5
Areas of Application  

For cleaning rough floors such as smooth brick pavers and non-glazed tiles, exterior stairs, patios, cellars, garages etc. The special fibre is useful for removing coarse dirt and cleaning rubber ridged floors, timber decks and patios on most surfaces.

How to use:  

Add 2 drops of Hans Raab Protective Formula to a bucket with 5 litres of water. Dip cloth into the bucket and then wring out fibre against fibre. Use pad wet, but not dripping. Using an “S” motion you may dry the floor after, but is not absolutely necessary.

floor express

Nano Gold Soft 32.5/42.5
Floor Express Perfect

Nano Gold Hedgehog 32.5/42.5
Floor Express Perfect

Nano Gold Pur 32.5/42.5
Floor Express Perfect

Ha-Ra Dry Yellow
Floor Express

Ha-Ra Floor Express Perfect 32.5 / 42.5
Ha-Ra Green Floor Express
 Wet Fibre 42.5
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