Ha-Ra Saponella
  Ha-Ra Saponella is a highly concentrated complete laundry and dish detergent in one! Ha-Ra Saponella is suitable for all laundry from 30 -90°C and for all Ha-Ra fibres.

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Vision / Mission / Values

Ha-Ra continuously strives to meet the needs of its environmentally friendly focused customers. We want to be a company that allows people to have a sparkling clean home while protecting their family, pets, wildlife and the environment.

Ha-Ra wants to see people become and stay healthy by helping eliminate all harmful household cleaning products from homes all across Canada. These harmful products may lead to many diseases which lead to a heavy burden on our health care system. We are presenting the toxic free way of cleaning in order to sustain our environment and protect our families for generations to come.

We firmly believe in honesty and integrity. As well as, respect for all people and other living creatures. Ha-Ra is also committed to support a healthy, eco friendly community at large.