Ha-Ra Doormat
"Soft" & "Extreme"
  “Soft” is the mat for the entryway to the house, made of coarse and fine fibres in alternating order.
The coarse fibres brush the remaining dirt away. The fine fibres have a fine cleaning and suction effect, similar to a cloth, and absorb the moisture.

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Hans Raab Story

comes from the name of the pioneer and inventor of fibre based cleaning technology Hans Raab. From childhood, Hans was a very independent person who wanted to make his own way in the world. Together with his wife Vera, he established a commercial cleaning business.

Very quickly, using commitment and technical know how, Hans Raab developed a very competitive business that provided jobs for more than 100 people.

Hans Raab soon became aware of health problems among his employees, which he traced back to the daily use of cleaning agents. Around this time, he recalled reading an article about native African tribes and their effective and environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

Hans Raab
Ha-Ra Founder

Hans Raab knew that our society would not accept cleaning methods using sand, mud and water, and therefore other methods had to be developed.

After years of research, Hans Raab developed a method for producing cleaning fibres, which are effective using water only. During the cleaning process, millions of extremely fine special fibres loosen even the most stubborn dirt and greasy particles, which are then bound together by fibre and water.

This pioneering invention led to the beginning of a tremendous success story, and these fibres are still so unique that he was able to successfully apply for over 170 different patents, making it difficult for competitors to come up with viable alternatives.

At the 1982 inventors fair in Basel (Switzerland), Hans Raab presented a window cleaner consisting of these fibres, and was awarded a gold medal for his invention.
In 1984, Hans Raab set a world record cleaning an area of 638 square meters of windows at the Hilton Hotel in Basel in two hours, 54 minutes.
It had been a difficult and rocky road for Hans Raab and his family, but due to the effectiveness and quality of his "physical - mechanical cleaning system", his business experienced an unexpected boom at the end of the Eighties.

Further more he also gained recognition for the development of cleaning systems that reduce sewage and water pollution. His company, Ha-Ra was awarded the “Local Government Environment Prize 1993” at the City and Shire Congress of Lower Saxony on March 27, following which, his business experienced an unbelievable boom.

Today, Ha-Ra products are represented in over 50 countries world-wide and Hans Raab's research is continuing...